Ford Ranger Canada

The second generation Ford Ranger followed the trend of smoother lines and a more aerodynamic body. With the Mazda/Ford partnership the Ford Ranger was re-badged as the Mazda B-Series. In 1995 the Ford Ranger upgraded their safety features, including airbags and updated brakes, the Ranger interior was fully redesigned sharing several interior parts with the Ford Explorer and Expedition including the fully redesigned Explorer dashboard. With 3 optional engines a base 2.3L OHC engine, a V6 3.0L Vulcan which it shares with the Ford Windstar minivan and Ford Taurus, while the 4×4 model was paired with a V6 4.0L Cologne engine with anti-lock ABS brakes as a standard feature of the 4×4 model.The Ford Ranger in a compact pick-up truck manufactured by Ford Motors since 1983, its a smaller alternative to the Ford-150 pickup truck and became the most sold compact pick up truck in the 80’s and 90’s until 2004. The Ranger was designed as a smaller and better fuel efficient version of the F-Series F150 including optional four wheel drive. The first generation Ford Ranger arrived in Canada with a 2.0L or 2.3L OHC 4-cylinder engine, and a larger optional 2.8L Cologne V6 engine which it shares with the Ford Bronco and Mustang II, in 1985 the Ford Ranger was available with a diesel Mitsubishi 2.3L turbo engine. In 1989 it received a mid generation redesign with larger headlights, the base model 2.0L engine was dropped and a new larger V6 4.0L Cologne engine which it shared with the Ford Explorer.

The 1998 Ford Ranger was completely redesigned, offering a larger and roomier interior replacing the front suspension with the Ford Explorer-like wishbone system. A new 2.5L DOHC engine replaced the entry model increasing power to 120HP with 149 lb/ft of torque. Then again in 2001 the Ranger received another redesign using the V6 4.0L engine from the Ford Explorer in 2004 and 2006 the Ranger in Canada received more minor changes to the hood and headlights.

The 2012 Ford Ranger in Canada is available in three trim models; the base trim Ranger XL, Ranger Sport and fully loaded Ranger XLT with an optional regular cab or super cab (extended). The two engine options are a 2.3L 16-valve DOHC engine and a V6 4.0L SOHC engine which is standard on the Ranger Sport and XLT 4×4 models with 207HP and 238lb/ft of torque, the 4×4 Ranger is also paired with Rancho heavy duty shock absorbers for off-road use and optional limited-slip rear differential for the FX4 Off-Road Package.

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