Ford Fiesta Canada

While the Ford Fiesta gained popularity in Europe and South America it didn’t arrive to Canada until June 2010 as a 2011 Ford Fiesta model. The new Ford Fiesta is manufactured in Cuautitlan, Mexico for Canada, the United States and Mexico’s auto market. The sixth generation Ford Fiesta made its debut in 2007 at the International Auto Show in Germany. In Canada, Ford ran a marketing campaign offering a demo vehicle for one week use and each driver would write reviews on the Ford Fiesta, the idea was borrowed from a similar campaigned in Chicago where they offered commuters a chance to demo the new Fiesta. The demonstration tour across Canada started in Halifax, Nova Scotia and finished in Victoria, British Columbia.The Ford Fiesta was developed for the European market back in 1976 as a subcompact 2-door hatchback, while gaining popularity in the early 80’s in Europe it then spread to the Latin America car market. Brazil and Argentina began manufacturing them for South America and they designed some alternate Ford Fiesta models including the Ford Fiesta sedan, Fiesta One, Fiesta Rocam and Ford Fiesta Move.

The 2012 Ford Fiesta in Canada is available in two basic models 2012 Fiesta sedan and the popular Ford Fiesta hatchback; the Fiesta sedan starting price is CAD$12,999 and CAD$16,799 for the 2012 Fiesta hatchback which includes everything in the Fiesta SE sedan trim.


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