Ford Escape Canada

Ford Escape 2001-2007
The Ford Escape arrived to Canada in 2000 as a 2001 Escape model, while its smaller than the popular Ford Explorer it became a family friendly and more compact alternative to Ford’s larger SUVs like the Expedition, Explorer or the Ford Edge crossover. The Escape was manufactured in partnership withMazda sharing the same engine and design with the Mazda Tribute. A Ford Escape hybrid model was launched in 2004 making it the first SUV hybrid and started the SUV and crossover hybrid revolution with the now Toyota Highlander hybrid, Lexus RX hybrid and all new 2012 Toyota RAV4 hybrid.

2007-ford-escape-canadaSince most SUVs and crossovers are used for city driving more than off-road exploring, Ford built the Escape on a car-like platform developed by Mazda for the Mazda 626, this fully independent suspension allows for a smoother drive than traditional SUVs. Although the Escape is not design for heavy off-roading it is available with in all-wheel drive.
The Ford Escape in Canada arrived with two optional engines a V6 3.0L Duratec engine which it also shares with the Mazda6 and a smaller 2.0L engine. In 2005 the Escape received a new 2.3L engine for the base model which is also used in the Ford Fusion. While the V6 Escape was equipped with a 3.0L engine with 200HP. The new Escape also improved the airbags and other safety features, while the exterior received a minor face-lift it also upgraded to an intelligent all wheel drive system

The 2004 Escape hybrid was the first hybrid SUV or crossover and the first hybrid manufactured in North America, rated as 70% more fuel efficient than the regular Ford Escape by the Environmental Protection Agency. The Escape hybrid is fully loaded with standard climate control air conditioning, cruise control, 6 CD changer and 16 inch wheels, The Escape was chosen as the North American Truck of the Year in 2005 and proving to be both fuel efficient and comfortable, the city of New York began using the Ford Escape as taxis followed by San Francisco and Arlington, Virginia.

The Ford Escape Hybrid is what is known as a “full hybrid”, meaning it can run on fuel only, electricity only or a mixed combination of both which is monitored by the vehicles computer. The Escape hybrid is coupled with a 133HP gasoline engine which when combined with the electric motor produces a total of 155HP, achieving a similar performance with the V6 3.0L engine Ford Escape. The Escape hybrid boasts 70% better fuel economy than a regular Escape and has been tested up to 400-500 miles on one 16 gallon gasoline tank.

2012-ford-escape-canadaFord Escape 2008-2012
The newer Ford Escape made its debut at the 2007 Los Angeles Auto Show, the Escape continued to use the same Ford CD2 platform and was slightly redesigned to compete directly with other crossovers, all second generation Ford Escapes are now equipped with an electronic stability control system. The new Escape follows a similar design style as the 2010 Ford Explorer, Expedition and 2011 Ford Edge with a new bolder grill and larger headlights. The interior was completely revamped, making it a roomier and more comfortable layout, including Ford’s family navigation system.

In 2009 Ford replaced the previous 2.3L engine with a 2.5L Duratec 25 engine with 171HP, while the V6 3.0L engine was updated increasing the power to 240HP and 233 lb/ft of torque. The 2009 Escape Hybrid also received a new 2.5L engine and an upgraded brake system.

The 2012 Escape in Canada is available in 4 basic trim models; the Escape XLT is the only gasoline version available in FWD and 4wheel drive, other options include a 2.5L or V6 3.0L engine and standard 16 inch wheels; while the Ford Escape Limited is available in 4WD only with an optional 2.5L 4 cylinder engine or V6 3.0L engine, it also includes sunroof, premium sound system and Ford’s SYNC navigation and entertainment system.

The 2012 Escape Hybrid is also available in two trim models; the Escape Hybrid and Escape Hybrid Limited; they both share the same 2.5L Atkinson cycle engine, with an optional FWD or 4WD; while the Escape Limited includes sunroof, rear view camera, Ford SYNC navigation system and leather seats.

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